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What is Percussion Massage?

Percussive massage is also known as percussive therapy or vibration therapy and is a deep-tissue massage technique typically used to relieve soft tissue pain with concentrated, rapid, short-duration pulses or jolts of pressure into the muscle tissues. The vibrational healing helps to increase blood flow to the area causing the pain and release toxins. The vibrations from the massage help improve blood and lymph circulation around the body, which helps produce more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

Benefits of Percussion Massage:

Shorten recovery time

Increase range of motion and make joints flexible

Relieve muscle spasms and stiffness

Decrease muscle soreness by lengthening muscles and tissues

Breaks up scar tissue & inflammation and relaxes tight muscles

Why a Percussive Massage Device?

Performance & Recovery

Massage Guns can be used to wake up muscles before a workout or to give your muscles the care they need in between each workout or training session for better performance.


Get benefits within minutes. The compact, cordless design allows you to take it anywhere. It's a DIY deep-tissue massage – what could be easier?


Can be used on specific muscles and "trigger points" and get into small localized areas of the body. Or it can be used on the whole body.

RockerTech Pro®

The RockerTech Pro’s lightweight ergonomic design, and compact carry case complete with handle, means you can take deep-tissue massage with you anywhere you go.

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